Hi I’m Shay :)

Born and raised in Tel Aviv, married to Eden and a mother to Tommy and Alex.
I Graduated in 2016 from The Department of Textile Design in Shenkar.

Fashion has always been a big part of me. As a kid, I used to design and make clothes for my dolls by taking apart my own clothes and sewing them together to make a new garment.
The dream to design my own clothes and get to wear exactly what I want each morning started back then.

As a mother, my body and needs have changed through the years. I was looking for a way to feel dressed without compromising my comfort and my day to day needs.

That got me to design and create clothes that are fun to wear, comfortable and in oversized shapes that look great on the body.
All of the clothes are made with high end fabric and quality manufacturing.

Hope you enjoy the clothes. Feel free to contact me in any question or matter ♡